Whatever your business, reward your customers for their loyalty, find new ones and keep them coming back for more.

Paper loyalty stamp cards are now a thing of the past with the introduction of this new, innovative Loyaltybook app… putting your business in the palm of your customers.

Customised to suit your business

Loyaltybook allows your business to create your very own tailored digital loyalty scheme and instantly offer a mobile app to your customers. You can set how many stamps your customers need to collect before they earn a reward. You set the reward or discount that you wish your customers to receive. Most importantly you are in control of the structure of your loyalty program; we provide you the platform through Loyaltybook to engage with your customers through their mobile phones.

We work with you to import your brand and logo within Loyaltybook so that your customers feel the comfort of a business that they know and trust.

It’s Too Tempting

Cross selling products to your customers is important to enhance any business, so we have developed a digital scratchcard within the loyalty program so you can offer new or existing products to your customers. This section is based on pure luck to create some buzz and excitement around your business. For example you may have a new deluxe burger which you are keen to promote to your customers so you will offer a free burger to one in every ten people who scan the unique codes. Most importantly you set the odds in the system enabling you to control how many you give away. You may even set a parameter to give away 1 day or 100 a day.

  • Valid & Expiry Date

    All businesses have times within the day or week where business traffic could be busier. So why not tailor the scratchcard winning reward so that it has to be redeemed on a set day and time such as a Wednesday lunch time which just happens to be the day and time when trade is traditionally slow.

    You may even customise the rewards so that they have to be redeemed with 30 days of receiving the reward. You are now in control of what you promote, who you promote to and when the promotion can be redeemed which is extremely powerful for any business.

  • Spread the Word

    Your customers can send and receive rewards to and from their friends creating a buzz and excitement around your business. For example; your customer may have won a free back massage with the scratchcard and decided that their Mum would enjoy this relaxing experience. Your customer can forward the reward through the Loyaltybook platform, resulting in a new customer for your business. This will then encourage more of your customers to subscribe to your loyalty scheme.

  • Our Unique Codes

    Each code that you issue to your customers is unique, so once it is scanned it cannot be used again protecting your business from multiple scanning codes. Your customers scan the code with the Loyaltybook scanner built within the app.

  • Redemption

    When a reward is redeemed by your customer they will present their mobile phone to the sales assistant who will validate the reward by entering a unique 4 digit pin into the customer’s phone. This will update Loyaltybook so that the customer can see the status of the reward.
  • No Hardware

    You will issue loyalty stickers to your customers where every sticker has an individually unique code which can only be scanned once. Once scanned it is dead. By having no hardware to install you can be up and running with a tailored loyalty program within days.
  • Business Management Portal

    When you sign up to Loyaltybook we will provide you with access to the Loyaltybook Business management Portal which will provide you with all of the statistics you need to enhance your business sales.
  • Know your customer

    Who is your typical customer, are they male or female, how old are they, how often do they visit your business.

    The old paper based stamp cards did not provide you with this vital data but now with Loyaltybook you have everything at your fingertips.

When issuing rewards or discounts, it is important to reconcile these items against your stock control system.

Send your customers a Birthday treat direct to their mobile phone through Loyaltybook, this keeps your business in the forefront of their celebrations and is also very thoughtful.

Where have you gone?

20% of your customers provide 80% of your business. Is this true of your business?

Retaining existing customers is the secret, Loyaltybook can help you by sending a push notification message to your customers who have not returned within 90 days. This is an extremely effective way to enhance the benefits of Loyaltybook for all businesses.

You can also send an offer to your missing customer making them feel special and important to you which will hopefully entice them back to walk through the doors of your business

We will design a tailored loyalty programme to suite your business needs by understanding your business. This loyalty programme will be imported into the Loyaltybook app where your customers can add your scheme to their favourite’s.

We will provide you with unique QR codes (those square barcode things) which you issue to your customers for every purchase or visit. These codes are sticky labels which can be stuck to your takeaway coffee cup; pizza box, till receipt or the label can be issued without sticking to any item.

We will provide you with a user name and password to have access to the Business Management Portal. You will nominate your key staff to have a 4 digit pin so that they can validate the rewards.

Now Tell Your Customers

We will provide you with marketing material to use within your business so your customer are informed that you have a new mobile loyalty app. It is important that all customer facing staff promote your new loyalty scheme so that all customers adopt the new exciting loyalty programme.

Signing up with loyaltybook

Having access to Loyaltybook will grow your business and provide you with access to your customer in an engaging and exciting way, which has never been executed in this way before.

We charge a monthly subscription which is tailored to your requirements and based on your individual business needs, so we recommend speaking to one of the Loyaltybook gurus who will provide you with a structured plan.

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