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Loyaltybook was created for the customer as we saw a need to make loyalty programmes more user-friendly by creating one app that housed all loyalty reward cards in one place. With the increase in smart phones we set about developing the most exciting mobile loyalty app which would make engaging with your favourite businesses and brands more fun. We believe that we are solving a problem by doing away with those paper loyalty stamp cards.

Loyaltybook ensures that everyone benefits by proving the platform for businesses to tailor a loyalty programme that fits the needs of the individual business type. We deliver the crucial analytics to help businesses grow and interact with their customers. Developing the web management portal will assist businesses to understand vital information such as, who their customers are, how often they are visiting your business and if they have stopped visiting. Businesses can now reach out to these customers with a tempting offer to entice the customer back through the doors.
When developing Loyaltybook we wanted to put the customer first by creating something which would excite the user into engaging with their favourite business. Stamping a mobile loyalty stamp card is useful because the customer no longer has to carry multiple paper stamp cards, but we had a better vision. We set about creating a unique feature and developed a digital scratch card which would make Loyaltybook fun for the customer. While collecting stamps the customer has the ability to win free rewards from their favourite businesses.

We wanted to push the boundaries even further by developing a feature that would allow users to gift rewards to other friends. Understanding the influence of social networking and social relations among people who share interests, backgrounds, activities and real life connections was at the forefront of our development strategy.

Our main objective is to ensure the user is happy and feels rewarded for their loyalty with an engaging innovative app. Furthermore we wish to help businesses grow by providing powerful analytics about their customers habits in order to stabilise customer retention and entice new customer.

Nimon Davey



Loyaltybook was founded by Nimon Davey who wanted to solve a problem after having a wallet full of paper loyalty stamp cards from a variety of his favourite places. Nimon has a vision that loyalty should be engaging, fun and accessible. At the same time businesses should benefit from providing loyalty programmes with data that assist the business to grow.

Nimon incorporated Loyaltybook Limited on 5th September 2014, company number 9204622.

Nimon is responsible of overall business and product development which involves working with businesses to establish new partnerships and implementing the Loyaltybook platform. Nimon has a clear objective to keep the user happy and ensure that businesses benefit. Outside of Loyaltybook, Nimon has a young family, is involved with his local Shakespeare amateur dramatics company and has a passion for sport.

David McGarry



David is head of technical development which involves understanding how users interact with mobile apps to create a stylish and user-friendly interface. David works closely with Sam Patel (co-founder) on software architecture for the Loyaltybook app.

David has a keen business mind, having assisted with three company start-ups and is passionate about ensuring customers’ expectations are exceeded. He has spent many years developing mobile applications on multiple platforms as part of one his other companies and proves to be a huge asset to the Loyaltybook team.

Having previously worked as both Head of Systems Integration and Head of Product Development for internet services at Vocalis plc, David has an extensive technical background and experience leading technical teams delivering complex projects for international clients including Telenor, BT and Powergen (E.ON). David holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Essex. When David is not working he loves to cook and is a keen traveller.

Sam Patel



A co-founder of Loyaltybook, Sam is head of system implementation. Sam has overall responsibility for project delivery and makes the key technology choices for the back end system. Sam is our man when it comes to data and analytics. From conception, along with David McGarry, Sam has been instrumental in how Loyaltybook would function on both the user and business level.

Sam has a strong interest in technological innovations and keeps abreast of developments that could be of benefit to customers, evaluating their potential use and integration possibilities. A creative problem solver, his out-of-the-box thinking often results in an elegant and technically innovative solution for customers, giving the company a competitive edge.

Sam has a wealth of experience developing mobile apps and his skills are key to the Loyaltybook success.

Having previously worked as Senior Systems Engineer at Vocalis Plc, Sam has extensive experience working with suppliers, consultants and third party system vendors to integrate proprietary systems, databases, web services and open source technologies in order to deliver a comprehensive solution to customers. Sam holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science & Neuroscience and a M.Sc. (Hons) in Machine Perception and Neurocomputing from University of Keele.

At the time of writing this Sam says there is no outside of work, however joking aside Sam enjoys visiting art museums and the occasional day off.

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