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Building Loyalty

Loyaltybook is a mobile loyalty app which enables you to digitally stamp your phone with unique codes provided by your favourite coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, bowling alleys, cinemas, beauty salons and anywhere you love. Collect your stamps and be rewarded for your loyalty.

Let’s have some fun

Each time you scan the unique code you have the opportunity to earn an instant reward issued from your favourite place through our digital scratch card built within the app. You can redeem your reward instantly or save it for another day.


Your Loyalty Rewarded
Loyaltybook keeps all of your loyalty reward cards in one app, so never forgot your paper stamp cards again. Collecting your stamps and redeeming your rewards has never been this much fun with our digital scratch card and ability to gift rewards to your friends.


Reward your customers for their loyalty and grow your business
At Loyaltybook we are here to help your business grow, keep your existing customer happy and help you find new ones. Loyaltybook provides your business with the right tools available to build a better business future. We are revolutionising the way businesses and customers engage with each other with our innovative loyalty based mobile platform.

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You can now gift and send your rewards which you have won to family member or friends. Send a Pizza to your best buddy or a cupcake to your sweetheart, are just a few of the interesting things you can be gifting. Win something exciting and make someone’s day


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